Solar Power Panel Installation & Solar System Technician Training in Dubai & Abu Dhabi


We are specialists when it comes to organizing solar power training in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) is concerned. We happen to be one of the most well-known names when it comes to renewable energy training in the region. We have, till date, trained plenty of people in this Middle Eastern in areas such as solar panel installation, solar energy, solar power training, solar PV (photovoltaic), and solar technology, to name a few. Our training programs can help you become a proficient solar technician for sure.

The UAE happens to be an emerging market as far as solar technology products are concerned. Our training programs are created keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the region in mind and this is the reason why they have been appreciated so highly as well. We are capable of training professionals such as the following:

  • Integrators

  • PV installers

  • technical sales professionals

  • system designers

  • PV system developers

We train a wide array of professionals such as electrical, civil, and mechanical engineers as well as teachers and professors and other members of the academic circles.

Apart from that, we have also created programs dedicated to professionals such as people who work in distribution companies, technicians, and electricians. We have also established partnerships with some of the leading commercial establishments in the region. Our courses are always designed keeping in mind the latest rules and regulations enacted and implemented by the relevant authorities in the UAE. As a training organization, we are always focused on quality and relevance.